The project

The Summer Ballet Seasons in Moscow are an integral part of the summertime cultural life that already became a tradition: the Seasons have been an annual fixture of the cultural calendar since 2001. This year, from July 1 to August 28 the best classical ballets will be performed on stage of the Russian Academic Youth Theatre (RAMT) for 14th time.

This is the forth year the Summer Ballet Seasons are organized in partnership with state unitary enterprise MosConcert with support from the Department of Culture of the city of Moscow. Participants include the best Moscow troupes: «La Classique» Moscow Ballet run by Elik Melikov and Moscow City Ballet run by Ludmila Nerubaschenko and Russian Classical Ballet troupе headed by Oksana Usacheva.

For several years already the Seasons' participants include foreign ballet troupes that are known both for their artistic interpretations of classical storylines and for their innovative modern production.

The performances of the Summer Ballet Seasons traditionally take place in the Russian  Academic Youth Theatre (RAMT) located in the very heart of Moscow — at Teatralnaya Square, next to Bolshoi and Malyi theatres, in the magnificent old mansion — a unique monument of architecture built in the 19th century. This house was always known as the centre of Moscow's cultural life. It was frequented by Anna Kern, this is where the Artistic coterie headed by Alexander Ostrovsky gathered for its meetings, this stage witnessed performances by Fedor Shalyapin and Leonid Sobinov and in 1924—1936 it was home for Moscow Art Theatre-II, whose director was Mikhail Chekhov.

The Summer Ballet Seasons project seeks to preserve and promote Russian cultural heritage and introduces the audience to the world-famous classical Russian ballet. In the course of 13 years of the Summer Ballet Seasons' existence the performances were seen by more than 400,000 people. Initially the project was conceived specifically for foreign tourists who were visiting Moscow after the closing of the theatre season. But residents of the capital showed great interest in the performances and very quickly the Summer Ballet Seasons became summertime Moscow's business card.